Cracked Laptop Screen

Did you break your laptop screen? Not to worry! We Fix Computers can safely and efficiently repair your laptops screen without losing any of your data, or damaging your computer any further.

We frequently get laptops from owners who have taken their laptop to less than reputable shops or even worse, “Craigslist Special $25 Flat Rate Repair” guys, only to find out that this was their 1st laptop screen replacement and thus ended up breaking delicate parts.

Some owners have even come in asking for advice on finding these “Craigslist Special Guys” because they don’t answer their phone anymore and now they are out a laptop. Don’t risk damaging your laptop even more, or worse, loosing your laptop altogether. Bring it to us, We Fix Computers.

We are local, certified and experts at what we do. We are the only computer repair shop in El Paso that will provide you the best service with the best price. Stop on by at 1506 N. Lee Trevino El Paso, Texas 79936 or Call Us at 915-629-8888

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